Sulky 100% Rayon Thread

Sulky Rayon - Solid Colours

Sulky Rayon is a 40 weight decorative embroidery thread, suitable for machine or hand embroidery. Made from 100% Enka Viscose, our Rayon thread has the same lustre as silk thread.

Sulky Rayon is very strong and does not fray or shrink and has less stretch than a Polyester thread.


Variegated Rayon

Rayon variegated thread is a 40 weight, 100% Enka viscose thread that is made up of different colours or blends. You can create amazing results with this thread, making a single colour design look unique and impressive. Suitable for machine and hand embroidery.

All Cotton

Sulky 30 Weight Cotton

This can be used as a decorative hand or machine embroidery thread. It has a matt appearance. This thread can be used as upper or lower thread. Sulky cotton 30 is thinner than the 12 weight cotton.


Sulky 12 Weight Cotton

The 12 weight cotton is 40% thicker than the 30 Weight. This strong thread is ideal for hand embroidery, crafting, over locking, machine embroidery and more. This thread also has a matt appearance.